Albert and Jean are now on their way to their new home…to a lovely lady in Wellington.

Size of Dolls: 19 inches

Designer: Red Hen Designs (Raewyn Parker)
Handmade by: Raewyn Parker

Albert is the long time best friend and sweetheart of Jean, one of the Garden Circle Ladies. They met in school and married when at just 18 years old. Recently they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, surrounded by their six children, 15 grandchildren, 7 great-children and most of the village where they have lived their entire lives.

Albert great loves are his sweetheart Jean, his family, and his garden. He is known to frequent the local pub where he meets up with his old buddies ‘from the old days’. Jean still sews all his clothes, and they are often seen in matching outfits, with similarly dressed great-grandchildren swarming around. He is one of the most loved villagers.

Where would the GARDEN CIRCLE be without Jean???? She is always bright and cheerful, with a huge batch of muffins under her arm, and yet another glorious hat creation. She is always punctual, sometimes has one or two grandchildren holding on to her hand, and loves gardens. No one mentions the time that she confused liquid fertiliser with weed killer, and lost an entire crop of beans; nor the time that she had too much sherry at the GARDEN CIRCLE Christmas party….