Dorothy  – a Garden Circle Lady

THE GARDEN CIRCLE LADIES is a collection of ladies who get together fortnightly to discuss gardening and to view each other’s and other people’s gardens. They are a wide range of ladies with a wide range of garden interests and experience…some love formal rose gardens, some love wild cottage gardens, some love fruit trees, some love vegetables, some just love their house plants. It is the GARDEN CIRCLE which has brought them together…and it is friendship that will keep them together…

DOROTHY, affectionately known as ‘Little Dot’, leads a very full life. As well as supplying the neighbourhood and City Mission with vegetables from her huge vege patch, she is also on two school committees, runs a part-time craft business, tutors part-time, and runs a car load of children to and from sports and music practices most days of the week. Regardless of her busy schedule, she never misses the GARDEN CIRCLE, though she is often very late…

This is a gorgeous and fun cloth soft sculptured doll. She has needle-sculpted face and thread jointed arms with movable wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. She can be posed in a variety of poses (and will not stand without a stand). She has needle-sculpted toes.

She is wearing shorts with singlet top. Her hair is wool roving/sliver. She is wearing very cool sunglasses. (The clothes are sewn onto the body and cannot be removed.)


Dorothy wearing yellow singlet and bright sunflower shorts

Dorothy wearing lavender singlet and floral shorts

Dorothy pattern for sale