Ingeborg – a Garden Circle Lady

THE GARDEN CIRCLE LADIES is a collection of ladies who get together fortnightly to discuss gardening and to view each other’s and other people’s gardens. They are a wide range of ladies with a wide range of garden interests and experience…some love formal rose gardens, some love wild cottage gardens, some love fruit trees, some love vegetables, some just love their house plants. It is the GARDEN CIRCLE which has brought them together…and it is friendship that will keep them together…
INGEBORG is originally from Germany and emigrated with her parents when she was a little girl after the war. While she embraced her new home, she still maintains a love for her home country. She joined the GARDEN CIRCLE after her own children had grown up, particularly with a desire to spread the word about the joy of sunflowers…and since then has written a book called ‘The Joy of Sunflowers’!!! It didn’t sell many copies, but all of the ladies have a copy on their bookshelves.

This is a gorgeous and fun cloth soft sculptured doll about 19 inches. She has needle-sculpted face with huge nose, and thread jointed arms with movable wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. She can be posed in a variety of poses (and will not stand without a stand). She has needle-sculpted toes.

She is wearing overalls with large sunflower charms and a floral cotton top.

Patterns and completed dolls are available.


Ingeborg in bright sunflower overalls

Ingeborg in large sunflowers

Ingeborg pattern for sale