Miss Street Beach Babe

Miss Street was my High School English teacher. She spoke clearly and crisply, her manner was elegant and aloof, and her teaching was dedicated and committed. As teenagers we often wondered about her life (if any) outside school and what she did after she retired. The MISS STREET COLLECTION of dolls revolves around these teenage considerations.

Miss Street – pattern available

 When she retired, I imagine Miss Street did some wonderful things, like begin jazz dance or ballet class; she soon became a star. And every year she went to the Fiji Islands, for some sun and warmth and to meet interesting people.



  1. Just a thought but have you thought of doing an Audrey Hepburn and or Marilyn Monroe and the likes of that era they would sell like hot cakes over. Here . And have a friend that has a gift / clothes shop that has spoken to me onmany times of having dolls like yours to sell in her and her brothers shop . Worth a thought .Cheers anika-jade

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