Mrs Compton – pattern for sale

Mrs Compton – doll for sale

Size of Doll: 22 inches

THE GARDEN CIRCLE LADIES is a collection of ladies who get together fortnightly to discuss gardening and to view each other’s and other people’s gardens. They are a wide range of ladies with a wide range of garden interests and experience…some love formal rose gardens, some love wild cottage gardens, some love fruit trees, some love vegetables, some just love their house plants. It is the GARDEN CIRCLE which has brought them together…and it is friendship that will keep them together…

Mrs Compton, the Mayor’s wife, is one of the founding members of the GARDEN CIRCLE. She lives in a sizable heritage house in the centre of town. Mrs Compton takes her position as Mayor’s wife very seriously, always beautifully dressed with immaculate hair and make-up. Her passion is flower arranging, which she does for the church, civic receptions and weddings. She is often described as ‘haughty’ by those who don’t know her personally, but the Garden Circle describe her as ‘hard-working’ and a bit of a ‘hoot’, especially after a gin or two.