Rosalie –  a Garden Circle Lady

ROSALIE is one of the founding members of the GARDEN CIRCLE.  With her huge country garden full of roses and perennials, and vast gardening experience, she is often called upon to offer advice.  She has visited the great gardens of the world, and has a huge library of gardening books.  How she has time to maintain her large garden is often cause for idle speculation. Though she insists her ‘man’ is only there to mow her extensive lawns…
Rosalie – pattern for sale

Rosalie wearing blue

Rosalie wearing magenta

Rosalie wearing bright stripes

This is a gorgeous and fun cloth soft sculptured doll made in New Zealand by the designer. She has needle-sculpted face, and thread jointed arms with movable wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. She can be posed in a variety of poses (and will not stand without a stand). She has needle-sculpted toes and is wearing sandals that match her pants.

She is wearing 3/4 pants and a white singlet top. Her hair is wool roving/sliver coiled into a bun. She is wearing spectacles, earrings and a large charm round her neck. (The clothes are sewn onto the body and cannot be removed.)