Viola – a Garden Circle Lady

Viola is one of the founding members of the GARDEN CIRCLE. She lives on a sizable farm not far from town. When she was younger, she maintained her extensive garden herself…now she maintains the annuals and leaves the rose garden, perennial borders, orchard, edible garden and lawns to her ‘man’. Viola is never seen without her pearls…’one can never go wrong with purple and pearls’.

Viola wearing a lavender dress

Viola wearing a purple dress

Viola pattern available

This is a gorgeous and fun cloth soft sculptured doll made in New Zealand by the designer. She has needle-sculpted face , and thread jointed arms with movable wrists, elbows, and knees. She can be posed in a variety of poses (and will not stand without a stand). She has painted shoes

She is wearing a dress with skirt and belt. Her hair is wool roving/sliver coiled into a bun. She is wearing spectacles, earrings and charm around her neck. (Her clothes are sewn onto the body and cannot be removed.) She has a hat on her head