Maisie & Gordie

Size of Doll: 23 inches 

Maisie has a pinafore with a lace trimmed dress and bloomers. These clothes are removable (except her boots)

Gordie wears pants, shirt and vest with bow tie. These clothes are removable (except the shoes)

These dolls have hand sewn felt face with drawn on black eyes. The hair is black yarn which is sewn on the head.

I often get asked about how I name my dolls…in this case Maisie was named for my dear little black oriental cat, Maisie (who sadly passed on 18 months ago, and I still miss her!).  Gordie was named simply because I thought it sounded good.

Pattern available as print pattern and as e-pattern through www.redhendesigns.co.nz, Etsy, eBay and TradeMe.  Finished dolls are also available to purchase on these websites as well.