I love making these little dancing dolls.  They are so sweet and look simply gorgeous as a set.  They take very little fabric – you will get at least 2 out of a fat quarter, and just a small piece of flesh fabric is needed for the heads.

I have been having fun with a variety of different yarns for the hair.  There is a HUGE range of textures, colours, blends to choose from – something to match every piece of fabric you have chosen.

The heads are the same size as  the little Lavinia heads, so you can use the tutorial below to paint the heads.

As you can see I tend to use only the more traditional poses.  I guess as I’m making these for sale, I have to make the most popular ones – and I know that anything in pink will sell quickly!  Lol gotta love little girls!!!

Pattern is Rainbow Dancers and is available on website.  As a blog-featured design it is on special for December at 30% discount!