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Rupert is a lovely, very simple dragon.  The body is in one piece with spines down the back.  There are little arms and legs which can be thread jointed onto the body or glued.  The wings are small enough to not need any wiring – just a piece of batting holds the shape nicely.

I originally made Rupert as a holiday class for school aged children (ages 8 – 13 years).  I did the machine work and they did all the turning, stuffing and hand sewing.  Well, they loved it so much they asked for another (Crispin of Cornwall), then another (Sir Richard) and another (Wesley & Junior) ,and finally one  more (Rainbow Dragons).  We did them over successive holidays.  By the end of 5 lots of school holidays they had a wonderful collection.

As a blog-featured animal, Rupert is available as a print pattern and as an e-pattern for 30% off the regular retail price for December only.